500GB Hard Drive

Pvr Recording

Since Pvr Recording was introduced with digital tv it has made life so simple for recording your favorite television programmes. Now for the older generation it was a huge task with the old video recorders and tape and learning how to program the timer but with Pvr Recording you can do it with your eyes closed. You can even pause and rewind live tv which alot of people still can't get their head around.

                     One of the mains pluses of Pvr recording is that the picture quality stays the same as watching it live and unlike the old video tape you can watch it as many times as you like and that super quality picture still stays the same.

                      Hard drives come in all different sizes which are in GB (giga bites). You can have anything from 32, 64, 100, 320 and 500GB. The larger the GB the more space you have to record your favorite movies and programmes. A HD movie can use up to 10GB for the best picture quality and dolby surround sound so thats as much as 100 movies on one hard drive.

Pvr hard drives can be internal (320GB)

or external (500GB)

Prices from €79.00

(Prices on day of installation of your receiver)

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